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New Whatsapp Status For Friends 2020

Whatsapp Status For Friends (English)

Whatsapp Status For Friends (English)

Friendship is like that flower that smells good all the time, true friendship forever stays with time.

You are the best friend I could ever ask in life, you are so perfect my best friend forever. I love you.

You make me believe my BFF that good friendship still exists in this materialistic world. Thanks.

If someone asks me, do you have a best friend, I simply tell that yes, and my friend is just awesome.

Our friendship is not for the sake, I promise you that it won't break, it will remain with time!

Together we are like house on fire and partners in crime, I adore you my best friend forever.

Together we have so many memories, together I wish we make some more. Thank you so much my bestie!

My BFF, thanks for all your love, care and support. I thank you for always being there, you know you are cool.

Friendship can create a wonderful bond that will make you happy forever, I want that with you!

A good friend fills your world with joy and laughter, brings so much light in darkness.

Friendship rocks on trust and understanding, and I have both you know that my BFF, thanks so much.

A good friend knows everything about you in life, but still stands beside you in strive, to my BFF.

A true friend loves you so much and you know that it is so true; you are the one in life, Thank you!

Everyone yearns for a good friend, but few are lucky to have good friends. Thanks a lot my BFF.

My best friend is the most wonderful person in life, thanks for always being there.

Friendship increases your happiness and decreases sorrows in your life. #True friendship

True friends are there for guidance, support, fun and sharing the laughter with you. You are truly great my friend, love you.

Know who are your fake friends for they only pretend; real ones will be honest on your face. #True friends are life.

To all my friends who support me in good times and bad times. Heartfelt thank you to all of you!

You mean so much to me my best friend forever..Always remain a part of my life. Period!

It's your birthday my Best friend forever...I want to wish you all the happiness in the world...may you never lose your smile...may you keep shining all the while.

Hey it's your special day my I dedicate my status to you. May you find success in everything that you do. Good luck to you my best friend forever!

Do you know the real meaning of a's the end that has no end... friendship is forever in life. Best friends forever!

Some people go to the temple...some go to the hills..Some go to their mom..but I go to my best friend, my friend bails me out of trouble every time in life.

I have chosen my friend for life..I have chosen my happiness in strive...I have chosen good luck my way..I have chosen a best friend to stay..To you my best friend forever all the way.

Going for sudden trips...talking at 3 a.m in the night...fighting for silly things and that in spite not staying without each other even for a day..True friendship rocks for life!

If you want to understand a true friend, look deeper into the meanings of love. Personality is not important it's the heart that will show you what is real friendship about and true.

My best friend forever, you do crazy things with me, you also tease me. But I just have to confess it to you that I love your company. Yes, that is for you my friend...shall stay this way forever.

This is for my best friend, if anyone tries to hurt or break my friend's heart in life, I will make sure that person never survives. I love all my friends a way too much!

Real friends will never ever leave your side and go even if you tell them to go. They will make sure that you are ok, even if they have to stay and take your bad mood in their stride. # Real friends' rock

You give me courage to speak up in life; you give me words when I forget my line. You give me focus to just stay as I am. I thank you for being such a good friend of mine. Thanks so much my best friend forever!

A friend will make you smile in the saddest moods of your life. A friend will make you smile when you feel like frowning; a friend will make you smile when you have trouble all the while. #I love my friend a lot.

Even love relations are fake. You may have a fall out with your family too..Only one relation is pure and true, and that is true Friendship that makes you feels so new. Value the friend you have in your life!

If you want to enjoy your true moment of happiness then smile and laugh out loud with a friend whose close to your heart. You will cherish that moment forever in life that is what true friends are for.

Life is full of stress and chaos. True friends de- stress in life and provide that solace that is required. True friends give you that peace of mind that you want to acquire. True friends are life!

The many meanings change in life, but the meaning of friendship remains the same. It was so special with your name, and it shall remain all prime. I love you my best friend forever!

Friends are like blessings God chose for us. What if you are not born with me my friend..Its forever your place in my heart which you shall ought to see. Our friendship rocks forever!

Good friends just have one goal in life, to make their friends happy all the while. #Touchwood I have had the most amazing friends in life who make me smile all the while.

One loyal friend is enough than having 50 fake friends in your life. Trust your friend; it will help you sail through every tide!

A friend knows your life in and out but still loves you the way you are. #Friendship goals

Good friends just have one goal in life, to make their friends happy all the while. #Touchwood I have had the most amazing friends in life who make me smile all the while.

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