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Best Whatsapp Status For Girlfriend

Whatsapp Status For Girlfriend

Best Whatsapp Status For Girlfriend

My love starts with your name and ends on your name. Your name is in my heart forever my girl. #I love you for life!

Love for me is like the most amazing feeling I can ever experience in my life. It's all because of my girl. #love you forever in life.

It truly feels so wonderful to be the best boyfriend to the most amazing girlfriend I have ever had in my life. I truly mean every word!

I think that I make a pretty good boyfriend and if my girlfriend will read this, she will instantly send me a loving kiss. Am I lucky that is for you to see. Love forever!

You are like poetry in my life because you are calm, impressive and you have that flow which gives me my peace of mind. My love for you is kind and it's blind, love you!

My girlfriend is always jealous of other girls around, so I am pretty sure that she is faithful to me in life. Yeah! This is her way to tell me that she truly loves me.

I have planned my destiny and I am clear on that part. I want to be with you now and forever in life, and there are no doubts about the same. I love you and your name my love.

When I dream in the night, my every dream starts with you and ends with you. I think you have occupied my subconscious mind for sure. I am missing you my girl every moment of life.

There are very few impressive sights in the world my girl; one of the most impressive sights is your face and that charming grace. You look really pretty my girl.

I am truly what I am in life and I can never be someone, I am not to impress you girl. Love me the way I am because my love for you is pure and True. Only for you!

Love is never planned, it can start with one flash of the eyes that meet, it can start with that one handshake and greet. It can start with beating pulse, Exactly what I felt for you my girl. #first love.

I think we should always greet each other with that bright smile on the face. For smile is that magical tool that relates to pure love and grace! You are my smile forever my girl.

The world is truly black and white for me, so my baby you are like the dash of color in my life. A life which is bright and makes my world so all right. Be as you are my girl!

I have a reason today and that is why I smile like stupid every day. Do you know what that reason is. It's you my love who melts my heart each day. I love you so much.

I agree that I am truly bad with words and I can't often express what I want to say. My actions are enough to prove my love every way. I have loved you and will do it forever my way. Baby you are mine!

I may not be too perfect for you, but I can assure you that I am the best one you will ever have. You will truly realize that day when I step back and say that it's all over between us. #I love you so much.

I just have one promise to make in life and that is for you. I promise that no one will love you the way I do, even if it means through my entire life living for you. You are the reason why I smile!

Nothing is so perfect in life and you should know well my dear. But the day when you are with me is the day when everything becomes so perfect as can be. Life is too good with you!

I simply dropped my one tear in the sea..The day you will find that tear my love is the day when I will truly stop loving you. Hope you got my loving clue. I love you so much my girl.

If you have one loyal girl or girlfriend in your life, it is enough than having a thousand fake relations. I just want to thank my girl and tell her that she means so much. #Thank you my love.

There is someone so gorgeous in my life that I simply cannot stop thinking about her. She is the light in the darkness of life and she is the one who makes me smile. I love you so much my girl..Hope you are reading this.

I have someone in my life who makes me happy and lets me be in my space in life. Just want to tell her that I truly adore her And yes she is indeed a special part of my life. #I love her so much.

You are the dream that I need to see every night, you are the wind that makes me flow and fine. You are the shine that I look up to the stars. You are there and that is why I am here, I love you so much my dear.

Well the other day someone asked me that how is your life going on, I just smiled back and I told that person that she is perfectly fine. I hope you got what I want to say.

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