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Best Good Night Wish Massage 2020

Best Good Night Wish Massage 2020

Best Good Night Wish Massage 2020

Best Good Night Wish Massage 2020

Some dream sparkle in the night When there is peace and no light See another dream tonight As you will see it getting fulfilled With your cheer and that internal light,With the radiance of the moon With the stars shinning above Wishing you a wonderful night Wishing you Good Night!

It's a wonderful feeling to take rest Let go of everything on your mind It's a wonderful feeling to wait For another day so bright Night is a wonderful time to dream To think about the day to come Close your eyes and give in To the peace of this night Wishing you Good Night!

Another night is here to wish You good night with cheer Close your eyes and smile Think about all the wonderful moments That made your day so bright Wishing you a lovely night Wishing you Good Night!

When there is darkness all around A blue tint that reflects on The stars that sparkle bright Giving that radiant light The thoughts are all the same Its the end of today's game Wishing you great dreams Good Night to you!

Let it go, as the day is gone Do not think what will happen next Just close your eyes and surrender To this dark night all the way You will see a new light A new sunlight and a new day Close your eyes and sleep tight Wishing you Good Night!

Sweet is the silence of the night When nothing seems so bright Still there is calmness in the air That lets you ponder in the dark Leave everything and think ahead You will see a bright spark When the sun will shine so bright Wishing you Good Night Do sleep tight!

Today I saw a falling star and I Made a wish that may you get What you want and you stay Happy all along, Have a peaceful night this day Wishing you a bright day As it will be new all the way Good Night and sweet dreams!

Make a wish as the night is here Make a wish in the dark You will have a reason to see radiance The moon and that lovely spark Make a wish as you dream tonight Close your eyes and sleep well As it's another wonderful night Wishing you Good Night!

The sparkling stars and the moon There is a feeling that I missWhen you are there along I do give you a good night kissTake this anyway in this wish My feelings will always stay With you all the way Wishing you a lovely night Good Night to you!

When the stars light up in the night The world gets all the more bright You feel so content as you close your eyes Waiting for another day so bright All the feelings dwell into the darkness Leaving you happy and content Wishing you a lovely night,Good Night!

Silence of the night Takes you to another world When you forget about things That happened throughout the day A time to refresh yourself And think about the day to come So close your eyes and sleep well Wishing you a lovely night Wishing you Good Night Do sleep tight!

Relax the day has ended on a good note Now think about things you will do Dream good and you will hope All the things that will be new Do not stress on things that went Think about another day As day has ended today Wishing you Good Night!

The brightness of the moon when Falls on your graceful face You look so prettier at night You look mesmerizing with that grace The stars that sparkle only for you Just to wish you a loving night Have a lovely night Wishing you Good Night!

Never lose hope on things you want To achieve in your life, Take a cue from the pretty night After the dark the sun sparkles bright Bringing you many reasons to cheer Wishing you a lovely night my dear Wishing you Good Night!

As the darkness of the night Sets in tonight, The first person and the first thought That has come to my mind Is you and only you my dear Because I want that you smile And give in to this beautiful night Sleep well and dream tonight Wishing you Good Night!

The stars are shining bright There is radiance of moon, That is here to wish you good night Switch on to this dreamy world As you will lie on your bed Close your eyes and think about all The moments unsaid Wishing you a lovely night Wishing you Good Night Do sleep tight!

As the day calmly turns to night Look how pleasant is the sight The radiance of the moon on your face Start to have a loving grace As the stars cannot shine without dark You will have another day to shine Another day to spread your spark Wishing you Good Night!

Every dream that you will see tonight Will take you to another world so bright For every reason you will have You will have a way to be Embrace this night with a smile You will be happy all the while Wish you a lovely night Wish you Good Night!

The calmness of the night When blissful is every sight There are things in your mind Many answers to find Close your eyes and sleep well Think about a new day When you will have a reason to say Wishing you a lovely Good Night!

When there is darkness of the night When the world is not so bright When you know that time is right Yes it's the amazing night Give in to the feeling Of dwelling into your dreams Give in to the feeling of the night Good Night to you my dear!

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